Sunday, July 10, 2005


Got up at 7:30 at my parents home in detroit just so I could drive straight to work in Cleveland OH and spend a couple hours doing a code rollout... Only to find out whoever rolled out the code missed a bunch of files even though that should not be possible with our current system.

All of this, after I was up till 3AM because (admittingly bad planning) I went to to go see Revenge of the Sith with my buddy Will. I actually did like that one, there was really no part of it that irritated me like the first 2 prequils, so I was pretty happy with that.

I'm pretty exhasted now, but I'm working on my Winking Lizard Beer Tracker website. This site is designed (using PHP(decent) and MySql(ick)) but...(geek talk time) I'm designing the code around a base API which I've been wanting to fully implement and exploit in my work for quite some time but have never really had the time to because where I work we never are given the time to do things the way they should be done. So I'm finally going to have a PHP code base I'm actually happy with, even if it's my own small stupid app.

I think that's the only PHP/MySql project I'm going to do my system though, I like .Net better.

Well, I guess I'll end this blog now before it get's too geek. Good night everyone!!!!


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