Thursday, July 14, 2005

Home Sick...

Well, I'm home sick today... Woke up and felt awful bad and was throwing up, so I stayed home... I'm feeling much better, which is nice, because now I get a nice day off! :D

So now that I have a day off, I've been thinking... What to do on your day off... So far, I've:
Sat around listening to music admiring my computer's sounds system (it's nice).
Went for a really nice walk
Went grocery shopping, and had a nice Bologina and cheese sandwich (kept it down to!!)
And I'm thinking about chilling at the mall for a bit...

I really wish that there was a really nice, conviniant to get to beach around me. I'd love to go out swimming, that would be great... The best though would if I had a SCUBA diving buddy... Then I could go out scuba diving... That would be way cool, I love to scuba! Just no one to do it with :(

Oh well, I'm going back to my day off :)


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