Saturday, August 27, 2005

Harry Potter, RE4 and (finally) Unreal II

Harry Potter:
My friend Becci has been reading me the first Harry Potter book (on the cell phone) and we just finished today. All in all, a nice book, I think I might actually go buy some. Usually I'm too impatient to really sit down and read a book (unless it's tech related :P), but I'm liking Harry Potter so far. I guess the series it going up there with The Great Gatsby, Something Wicked this way Comes, The spy who came in from the cold and the few other literarly works I can actually sit down, read and enjoy. There aren't many of those, but hey :) Oh, some of you may wonder, why have Becci read to me over the phone?? Well because I like becci, I love to chat with her, her internet is broken, and she was really excited to read harry potter too me. So there ya go :)

Well, after having returned RE4 back to Ron (the big boss man at the office) I decided to go ahead an buy it. So far I'm liking the game, just enough challenge to keep me alert (and funstrated at moments) but not overly so. As of yet, I'm still trying to get Ashley back after she was kidnapped by the invisible insects. Right now I'm in the weird tall room with the giant statue of the Napoleon looking dude. So far I'm thinking it shouldn't be too hard to get by it, but I'm pretty low on ammo so we'll see :)

Unreal II:
Just today I decided to go head and buy Unreal II because I saw it going for $15 at game stop. I was having troubles at first with game reliability, but after finding the nifty game program my technical issues are now no more. Game play its self is pretty good, controls are easy and there is plenty of action. I'm still really early in the game so I can't really say much about the story other than the first two levels don't seem to be very related right off. We'll see what's going on though, I haven't even killed the queen spider yet :)

Well, besides that the only other thing going on is I have a new Hot or Not friend. Who would have guessed hot or not would be the coolest place on the 'net to meet up with really nice and interesting people of the opposite sex. I mean, at one point I was doing the online dating site thing and to date I don't even have a single good friend to show for it. Hot or not is way better, I think it's because of the lack of expectation. No one is on there looking for a soul mate, so people are way more open. Which means you meet way more cool people and end up with all kinds of new cool friends. Hooray!


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