Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Atom Films

Ok, I've just finished adding some new movies to my Atom Films section. This time they are all music video's of some sort. I thought they were all pretty good, or at least clever. So here we go:

Who's loven' your momma:
This one is a comical music video, it's interesting :)

I never copped a feel:
Theme song of the Jackson defence team :)

The Dears: "The Death of all Romance"
Good song, and interesting video to go with it. The video is about a teddy bear trying to save his one true love (yes, a girl teddy bear) durring the end of the world.

Micheal Penn: "Walter Reed":
Really good song, and a pretty good music video

Air: "Cherry Blossom Girl":
This is about a girl getting into the porn industry. Very good song though, don't let the kids watch, adult content. :P

The Arcade Fire: "Rebellion"
This is a pretty good song, the band is Indi.


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