Thursday, April 12, 2007

No white Easter for me :)

I knew there was a reason why I moved to NC, and apparently the distinct lack of a white Easter was it. From what I'm told, my parents got a snowy Easter surprise, at least Grand Rapids (where one of my college friends live) is having yet another one. But here in Morrisville? Not a flake of snow in sight, thank you very much :D

So what did I do with my Easter? Well, my friend Kathy was in town so I made sure I had plenty of time to catch up with her and spend some time. It was great to finally see her again, it's been since Christmas. Also hung out with some of my other friends as well. But other than that, it was very quiet. The roommate had gone to a wedding over the weekend so I was home alone.

The only sad part? Well after paying off my car and fixing up it's brakes last month (which totaled to roughly a "well damn" amount of money) I ended up exceptionally broke as of Saturday. So It's been home cooked pasta and just plain chilling for me.

Well, I hope everyone out there has had a totally awesome Easter. Mine was pretty good that is for sure!


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