Thursday, September 22, 2005


First, ebay is evil and is the subject of my blog tonight ;)

PPC Phones:
Well, I finally went out and got a Pocket PC phone on ebay! Well, a couple of them, I'll get to that in a second. The one I'm going to be getting soon is a Samsung i700 for Verizon Wireless. It's gou a built in camera so I don't have to lose my camera when I switch my Samsung a670 for it, which is nice. The part that excites me the most is being able to use Pocket Outlook and IE to stay in touch where ever I am. I'm going to sigh up for VW's 5.00/month internet plan that charges against my minutes. I think it's the best deal for me right now. I'm so excited about it that I've already downloaded PPC 2002 development tools and am currently researching making my very own multi-network chat client for my phone (and giving it away free). We'll see how that goes, currently I'm having difficulties getting all the development tools I need set up correctly on my PC because Windows XP seems to think the emulator causes stability problems :P I'll haxor it though :)

I mentioned I bought two of these things (well, not that model). Well, I didn't want to spend the extra $$$ on the Samsung at first, so I bought a Audiovox/Toshiba Thera 2032 PPC phone on the cheap... Turns on there was a decent enough reason why it was cheap. The phone does not support GPS, and apparently as of January this year the FCC is not allowing cell phone companies to activate phones that don't have GPS (:-P to them). So right now I have it back on Ebay. It's still a great Pocket PC, and works perfectly. I just need it to work as a phone. If that doesn't work I'll probably eventually sell it on the cheap to one of my friends, or something... we'll see.

Printer Ink:
WOOO HOOOO!!! Color printer Ink just came in from ebay, all in all I spent a total of $30 for 4 black ink cartridges and a set of color cartridges. I don't think that the print quality is *as good* as with the official stuff, but not much worse. And considering just one black cartridge would cost me over thirty, I'm very happy.

Sick Becci:
Becci is really sick, she just got back from the Dr's today, and they don't know what's going on with her. So this is for her ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: ::hug:: :)

Nikki's bunny:
Nikki just got a bunny rabbit. I warned her that it would eat everything, but then again there are very few people I know who are as good with animals as she is (Jenn is the only one that comes to mind). So I'm sure she'll manage alright.


Blogger lucky_becster said...

hi carlo...i have missed talking to you lately. sorry miss becci is busy-er lately. :( :-*

2:14 PM  
Blogger lucky_becster said...


hehehehehe....i am a brat and you like it ;)

1:27 PM  

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