Sunday, October 07, 2007

What is happening to the world wide music industry?

Got this from slashdot...

"The Performing Rights Society, one of the UK's royalties collecting societies, has taken a Scottish car servicing company to court because the employees are alleged to have been listening to the radio at work, allowing the music to be 'heard by colleagues and customers'. The PRS is seeking £200,000 in damages for the 'performances of the music' which they claim equates to copyright infringement. The judge, Lord Emslie, has ruled that the case can continue to hearing evidence, commenting that the key point to note was that music was 'audibly blaring from employee's radios'. Where do the extents of a 'public performance' end? Radios on in cabs?"

Anyone remember back when it was considered normal to have the radio going on the job? If things keep going the way they are I expect my kids to lean over me and ask why the employee's in whatever "old school" movie aren't being sent to re-education camps for playing the radio at work :P


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