Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor day weekend

So it's labor day weekend... thank god for extended weekends!! lol, man I need this right now. Though honestly it's only been moderately sociable.. Went to a (Durham) Bulls game on Friday night to celebrate my friend Justin's birthday, after which we went to the shiny diner (one of my fav. restaurants). Got together with Elizabeth last night for some Wii, officially 57% done with Rayman Raving rabbids. And the rest of the time?

Well I've just finished Gears of War on causal mode. Fun game for sure, I love the game play, a lot like fear, only better use of cover. The story wasn't particularly well explained over all, but then again most "FPS" type games won't go into depth (ok, so this game is really 3rd person). Halo being the exception to this rule as there are 4 books accompanying the games and enhancing the story (god I love halo and can't wait for Sept 25th).

So what do I do with my x-box till the 25th? Well, there's always:

Dirt, Kameo, COD 2 and Overlord. Then for pure time wasters there's, DOA 4, Champions League Soccer and Fusion Frenzy 2. This doesn't go into the original x-box games I've kept (Halo/Halo 2, Prince of Persia sands of time, Star Wars Battle Front, Simpsons Road Rage).

Over all, loving the 360. Great gaming system for sure, even if the price point is still a bit high in my book (considering you need to spend $350 to get it with a HD).


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