Monday, July 16, 2007

Looong trip this weekend!

But well worth it! Went to go visit Kat at her new place. Originally I had the idea in my head that I would be helping her unpack things, get all organized up and such. As it turns out, she and her dad had everything under control! Her mom and I were shocked when we showed up (that was the major useful thing I got to do, play chofeer! lol). I did get to do some small stuff, help her dad get pictures set up and such. So I did in the end get to do a bit of work, if only || that much.

Her apartment is amazing, she's got it layed out perfectly. And it was completely awesome getting to visit! We got to go see the new Harry Potter movie at the iMax in Charollet which was anywhere between amazing and eh, doesn't quite look right. For those of you wanting to go, the credits, fight scenes and landscapes are killer, on the other hand closeups are stretched and if you peek at the closing credits while walking out you'll probably get dizzy and fall down. Over all though, WELL worth the teeny tiny bit extra you pay over a normal theater.

Of course after the three of us got back home (Kat's friend Mina whom I had never met before joined us) we broke out the order of the phonix Wii game and went to town!

Well darn, I should be in bed right now! And I mean, really should be! Good night everyone.


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