Thursday, April 23, 2009

A whole lot of new

So, in the while since my last few posts a whole lot in my life has changed for the better. So I figured I'd go ahead and write it up here for you guys :) First and foremost, I have a new girlfriend! Her name is Stephanie and she is a completely wonderful gal whom I am very lucky to have met! I have so much fun hanging out with her! She's already turning into my best friend as well as my girlfriend, which is totally awesome! What can I say, she's gorgeous, we're on the same page on  all the most important issues you could think of and she wants to see star trek in iMax!!!! I mean holy crap! I didn't think they even made girls that cool! ;) We've spent a whole lot of time together over the last few weeks and it really just keeps getting better. It's amazing how happy I get when she emails or calls, it's been a good while since I found someone I was this taken with :)

If that wasn't cool enough, I'm also finally moving out of my smaller apartment into a rental town home. Yeah, it's still a rental but it's a big step up so I'm very excited. I figure I'll be ready to move into my own house in a year or two which I'm extremely happy about. The new diggs are in the same apartment building as my current place, in fact I'm on the same street. But it's 2 floors, absolutely gigantic and has a small back yard. I'm happy! :)

The last new thing... I decided to get a puppy since I finally have enough space for one. She's so adorable it isn't funny. After spending a good deal of time thinking up dog names with my girlfriend (with much appreciated assistance from my sis Alessia and friend Nikki) we've settled on Consetta as the name. It's italian for Conception, it sounded nice to me, so it stuck :) Stephanie gets full credit for finding the name while I was out shopping. Consetta is still a bit nervous and shy in her new diggs, and the move this weekend to the town house will probably throw her off some. But.. she's warming up already, I think with just a little more time she's going to be A-OK! I'm sure you guys want to see a picture, so I've posted it below:


Blogger glittergirl said...

more puppy photos, ASAP!

9:58 AM  
Blogger glittermom said...

ahh puppy...Love puppy breath....

6:50 PM  

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