Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More fun as a Catholic...

--- me and the bear ---
[23:01] solemn_bear: What about Fish beng a vegetable?
[23:01] Locutus465: that didn't come up
[23:01] Locutus465: did you read the blog?
[23:02] solemn_bear: Yeah, but you should put it in.
[23:02] solemn_bear: It's funny.
[23:02] Locutus465: well everyone knows fish is a vegtible ;0
[23:02] Locutus465: ;)
[23:03] solemn_bear: And Cadbury Eggs are healthy normal eggs. (o;
[23:04] Locutus465: don't question my lent habbits
[23:06] solemn_bear: I'll do whatever I please, I'm a dirty pagan. (o;

--- me and the roomie ---
[23:05] npnfeef: lol
[23:05] npnfeef: fish is not a vegetable goddammit
[23:05] npnfeef: neither is ketchup
[23:06] Locutus4657: sure they are ;)
[23:06] npnfeef: nope
[23:06] Locutus4657: and just because an egg says "Cadberry" on the side doesn't make it any less an egg :P
[23:07] Locutus4657: even if you gave up junk food for lent :)
[23:07] npnfeef: bunnies lay those
[23:07] npnfeef: i've seen it on the commercial
[23:07] Locutus4657: exactly
[23:07] Locutus4657: they're totally eggs
[23:07] Locutus4657: :)
[23:07] npnfeef: do eggs count as meat?
[23:07] Locutus4657: I do not beleive so
[23:07] Locutus4657: but either way I didn't get it on a friday
[23:08] npnfeef: hehe

--- Me and the bear ---
23:09] solemn_bear: You suck. (o;
[23:11] Locutus465: ok, this IM is my next blog


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