Monday, September 04, 2006

What to do on labor day when you don't know very many people...

Well, this is what I have been thinking all weekend... And I came to some rather generic conclusions as to things to do (so far).

1). Rent a bunch of movies...
So far, I've watched the first StarWars A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back and Phantom Menas, Star Trek First Contact and finally doom all in wide screen DVD (most I have on video tape (blah) and the last one I have on DVD but in full screen, so blah. I have to say the most impressive out of all of these were the two original starwars movies I rented. It's pretty clear to be that George Lucas with through *a lot* of trouble to remaster the audio and clean up the video for these, because over all they hold up fairly well against most modern sci-fi movies, particularly the audio where I presum they had the most leway to modify things. The 5.1 response was great! lazer blasts blowing things up all around you, who could possibly ask for more? Most of the video was also extreamly clean and crip considering how long ago these were shot, it only starts to fall down when you get to some of the scenes they couldn't fix up, like the Millenium Falcon being chased through an astroid field by tie fighters. They just couldn't re-do the SFX on things like that with out risking making these scenes look out of place in the rest of the movie I suppose. But over all, great stuff.

I picked up this game just after moving here, and have been playing it on and off since (mostly off). Well, today I finally beat it, wow was it a cool game! First of all, the game play was fairly unique for a first person shooter. There was a lot of needing to bring your gun up at the ready and actually thinking about the shots you're going to take. Not to mention peeking around corners, sneaking up on your enemy's flank and such fun stuff. Very different than say, doom or Quake where you pretty much just walk around unloading lots of rounds in to masses of bad guys. To add to the uniquness the story centered around your connection to the mad man you're hunting, and this odd demonic little girl who reminds me of the little girl from the Ring movies (nope, can't remember her name). The game was great stuff, if you're into gameing and such, you should pick it up for sure. Next on my list, more Oblivion.

Wooo hoo! work! hehe, yeah right... But as it is, I"m a bit behind on my EMR projects. I've got a ton of them, and haven't really had the time to knock a lot of them out. So I took the oppertunity this weekend to work on a few of the smaller projects and hopefully have them knocked out...

Well, that's about it from up here. Hope every one had a fun and safe weekend.


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