Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, things are rather bleh right now... I officially have a summer cold, or as I like to call it, hey fever that won't freaking go away :P Nothing really horrible (i.e. I'm not feeling the need to invoke people's pitty or what have you), but just bad enough to be really annoying. Ug, oh well... Soon enough I will be in warm NC... Speaking of which there is some stress with that as well...

Currently I do not yet have an appartment, I've been frantically applying to places but my roommate is well... Procastinating a bit more than I would like to see... It's not that she does it on purpose or anything, and usually it's for a reason that sort of makes sence... But still, we've kept running into situations where by the time she finally gets the the appt. complex the office is closed for whatever reason. If I didn't have to move in *this weekend* I wouldn't be as concerned, but I'm really down to the wire here.. I need a place to live. I'll probably give her yet another call/im early this moring and be a bit more insitant that she get her butt down to the office. She doesn't realize it yet but we nearly lost the place we're going for now because she didn't show up today to fill out the app. Fortunetly I called at 5 and found out that she didn't make it, apparnetly they had some people comming in to check out appts that same day. I went ahead and gave them my debet card # and asked them to just go ahead and charge that. Fortunetly they took the card # as being good enough to hold it w/o charge till tomorrow, if the roomie can get there tomorrow and pay cash I'll end up saving the $25 "we hate credit cards" fee.

The other (even more) fustrating thing that's going on isn't directly NC related.... My car is *still* in the shop... When I first brought it in for the estimate they said that they would have it done the same week. A little later on they called and said they could tack on the bumper with in the quoted amout, and they said it would only bump the job back to Monday/Tuesday at the latest... So I thought, sweet, go for it! Well, tuesday has come and gone and the car still isn't done... *LATE* tomorrow at the earliest apparently. And to top it all of I left my phone charger in MI and my phone is just about out of Juice! In the past couple days I've used the land line in this house more than I have in the previouse 2.5 years. Fortunetly my phone has an ***EXCELENT*** "OMGINEEDTOSAVEMYSELF" mode where it drains nearly no power at all. Basically just barely enough to keep the volital memory the OS is sitting in from clearing it's self. In a related story actually I went on a quest to find a charger on monday when I realized I left my other one behind and came to find out that my phone is so discontinued that they don't cary chargers for it anymore anywhere! So last night I broke down, went to the verizon website and ordered a car charger. Hopefully that will show up tomorrow, if it does the phone will be spending a good bit of time in the car..... :P

Well, I guess that is enough ranting for one evening, ya'll have a good night :)


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