Tuesday, April 04, 2006

North Carolina

Well, this day is coming to a close very quickly here. About to run off to bed. I did get to thinking though, how the hell am I going to get all my stuff to NC??? OMG I so don't know what to do... The way I figure I'm going to have just a bit over 2K to work with as far as getting an appt, moving down there and living till my 1st paycheck. That's cutting it a little close, *almost* makes me wish I had held off on the computer upgrades... *almost* ;) Then again with out those I never would have taken my personal day on which I amazingly enough got the call about this Job in the first place. And if I had been at work when that happened nothing probabaly would have come out of this whole NC gig. It's really completely amazing how that worked out (time for a side story)....

So I decide to buy a whole bunch of computer parts because... well, everyone else was upgrading and I got *real* gelouse that I was still running on a low-mid end system (yeah yeah, it was still better than the average but I can't settle for that). So, I find out that my motherboard has arrived one fine day while I was at the office, and decided well heck.. I'm going to take a personal day to put together my new computer and put it through it's paces :D Which is exactly what I did, I put it together, bought me a copy of doom & half life 2 and was happily benchmarking and playing along. At some point I log into ICQ, and I start dealing with MIS stuff... Generally helping out the helpdesk people because I we had a particular issue that for some reason everyone thought I was the only person that could fix... Anyway, I ICQ Tim to gloat about my brand new frame rates in Quake 4, Doom etc. Tim ends the convo with a quick joke about "good luck at the interview"... Yeah yeah, whatever Tim... Well, not more than 30 seconds after I close the ICQ message I got contacted by a recruiter about a company looking for a .Net programmer in Raliegh NC!!! LOL!!! To make a long story short I did end up doing a quick interview with that guy and ended up getting my new position.... Sorry Tim, I actually didn't take that personal day to look for a job though... If that makes you feel better.

Anyway... I've been looking into the moving situation, and to even rent a U-Haul trailer it's going to be $292.00, which doesn't include the fact that I don't have a hitch right now so I'd need one of them... Then, on top of that, my windshield seriously needs t0 be replaced before I move. That's ~$225 right there excluding tax (about 8% or so for Cyahoga county). So back to my original point... IDK what I'm going to do. I'm going to explore a few options... Oh well, that's enough for one night, talk to ya'll later (good use of southern? I think so :) )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well at least the weather is nice here!!! yup and yeah and yup :)

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

That one up there *points* is from me *smiles*

11:07 PM  
Blogger Carlo said...

And there's lots of really cool people down there too :)

5:48 PM  

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