Monday, January 09, 2006

Two nights in a row!

Wow!! Two nights in a row I'm updating my blog! This is amazing! Totally amazing! Break open the champaign, I beleive that indeed it is a new worlds record!!! At least I get one for something!! ha ha. Well, as it turns out I do have something pretty big to talk about, my review was today and it actually was quite the supprise!

Dum dum duuuuuuum... The review!
Well, for those of you who might read this and never worked at my company we get our performance reviews annually followed by a raise. Last years was pretty eh... They talked about all my strengths as a programmer, then mentioned how I got saddled with all the crap projects that were around when I first got hired (customer maintenance, our order entry system and bunches of other related things) and managed to make them work pretty well. They did however say that I didn't pay attention to detail as my negative point (much less amusing than The Bear's bad attitude). All said and done I walked away with a rather blah 6.5% (or so) raise. Please note, that this is when our company was growing like there was no tomorrow due to a certain new account we got.

Well, this year I was expecting more of the same basically... They'd mention how I did lots of neat things and such, then say that either I still didn't pay attention to detail or *gasp* that *I* had a bad attidude (early last year I had a talk about my tude with the assistant manager). Well, the review its self was about half an hour, they did mention customer maintenance yet again and other such things but no negatives. But here's the real shocker, they "hinted" that they were going to try and get me double my last raise plus a little extra, so for arguments sake 13%. And this when we found out that our "new" customer from last year wasn't going to do quite as much business with us as we thought and we're in the process of finding new work to keep things running. So, I guess it was a nice review all in all, I'm certianly not going to quit straight off.. But I'm still not 100% certain about the situation there. Currently in my dept we're working very hard on new order entry systems to get more customers on board, but from what I can see we're not getting the big customers we need to sustain the growth we experienced last year. So I guess unless we come up with enough work for the rest of the company to do I'd imagine this year will bring the happyness of downsizing. Oh well, we'll see what happens... After all, while I never thought I'd say this, my company actually does have a mostly compitant IT staff, so the tech side should run smoothly.

In other news...
Just before christmas break, I got onto a huge Commodore 64 kick! So I did what I always do in such situations, I turned to ebay and started purchasing hardware! So far I have the C64 console (keyboard) it's self, and the 1541 floppy drive (oh yeah, the beast!) The floppy turned out to be the best find, turns out the auction conviniantly ended right when I was going up to detroit to visit everyone, and it just so happens that the guy selling it lived in Mt. Clemens!!! So I was able to for go the cost and inconviniance of shipping, and just pick the drive up at the guys place of business! Rock on! In addition to the hardware, I also picked up a copy of the GEOS graphical OS for the C64. Version 1.5, I hope to get a mouse soon and fire that bad boy up! Back when my family had our original C64 we never did anything productive with it, just games for my brother and I, so it'll be interesting to put the system to some use.

Now I know what you're thinking, the C64 can't be that useful of a system today... I mean I seriously doubt any Word Processor for it would be able to spell check (or at least do so with the vocabulary and accuracy of today's software) with only 64K of memory to work with... And I tend to agree, trying to use the C64 as a real desktop would end up making the thing a nifty toy for only a short time (sorry, not getting rid of my dual CRT's!) That's why I'm investing in some programming books and such, so I can turn the C64 into a useful tool. Specifically right now I'm looking for a particular book that explained how to do all sorts of things with the system, like turn it into a home security system. So that's my ultimate goal here, to turn the C64 into something like that, in fact, home security sounds really fun. So I'm currently looking for that book and I'm totally going to turn my C64 into an alarm system... It should be alot of fun!

Well, that's all for now! C-y'all later!


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This sounds way to technical for me to even comment have fun with your building things...

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