Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wow, it's been a long time again

Sorry for the long time between update (to the three or so people who read this ;) ), but I guess I just kind of forgot about the blog. But I'm back, better, stronger and faster than before! So here's what I've been doing for the past few months...

Well, I finally asked for her phone number just today... But unfortunately for me, she does have a boyfriend, I did get the so :(. But on the good news front, she did give me the phone number and it does look real, so maybe I'll get to hang out with her some time. That'd be pretty cool, I'm pretty sure that Amanda would be a great person to chill with, so yay! :)

Sort of related to the above, I did finally get my winking lizard tour jacket, and I'm gearing up for the next tour. It should be fun, there's a swipe card this time, so I can go to any lizard and get beers marked off. The jacket they have in the menu looks pretty sweet, it's button down this time around. I'll have to be careful about the size this time though. Last time I got a large and it was a tad bigger than expected.

OMG, I finally have the perfect plan to make a billion dollars!!!!!! Currently I'm working on a program that will allow me to predict the next mega millions lottery number ;) (yes I know this is impossible, just play along with me here). You see, if you go to the web site you can download all of the winning mega millions lottery numbers for the past 10 years. So what I plan to do (and am already about done with) is write a program which takes the 900 or so number contained in the file, then calculates the most likely winning numbers for the next drawing. I'll have to brush up on my stats and probability, but I figure I should be a billionaire by about march.

Thanksgiving was pretty fun! I went home to go visit the family, and did the family thing of course. As it turns out however, a friend of a friend of my mom's son just recently came to Detroit from Lima Peru to do his residency to become a dr (he's becoming rich the hard way). Because he doesn't have family there, he came over to our place for thanksgiving. He's a really cool guy, really outgoing so we had a blast. Then as a special treat I opened up two Thomas Hardy's Ales for us, one was a vintage 1995. They were both great, of course the 1995 was the best by far! I"m going to have to get more of that :)

I took a really long vacation for Christmas, from Dec 23rd to Jan 3rd. This was because I still had that much vacation time left and unfortunately my company has the ever so pleasant policy of "use it or lose it" :P So I figured, what the hell, I might as well take a nice vacation for the holidays. While I was there I got together with Will, Greg and amazingly enough Steve whom I have not seen since he got married Nov 04. It was great to be able to catch up with everyone that I hadn’t seen in forever, and go out to the bars there with everyone too (of course).
As far as Christmas gifts, I got a whole bunch of clothing, and a monopoly set. The monopoly set turned out to be the best gift, my dad, Franco (the guy that visited us for Thanksgiving and x-mas day) and my self played a game. I think I would have ended up losing to Franco in the end, but we didn't find out 'cause he had to leave before we could finish. For new years I went to a party in Detroit with my sister, one of her boyfriends buddy rented out a really nice flat where we got together and had a good time. I ended up calling a whole bunch of my buddies while I was there for the drunk new years dialing tradition ;) It was great!

Well, that's about all for now. I'm going to try and make it not so long till I update the blog next, I definitely need to get more atom films videos on here so maybe I'll do that next :)


Anonymous thestick said...

Hey I read your blog, when you write one...I check out all the blogs Jennifer has posted..Sounds like you had a busy and nice holiday...Always nice to see old friends and stay in touch with them..

3:52 PM  
Blogger Carlo said...

Wow, I got thestick reading my blog! That's totally cool!

Yeah, it's been a pretty fun break. Honestly it's just making me impatient for more vacation time! ;)

11:02 PM  
Blogger vivalarobot said...

i read too (it's jennette) like my mom, i read all the blogs that jennifer has links too... and since i have one now too!
hope all is well.... :)

11:45 PM  

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