Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ok, so it's been over a week now...

Yeah... I had been doing so good... And what happens? I slip right back into my slump of ignoring the blog... I don't know... I guess I'm just not cut out for daily updates of my blog! Anyway....

Well, I finally got something really cool from work just a few days ago... As I mentioned in my previous post we recently closed down a whole office because of lack of business/productivity/whatever I'm not in managment so I don't really know why exactly... But anway, the point is apparently if you're the type of company that actually purchases computer equipent instead of just renting it you end up having a whole crap load of the stuff left over after you close an office... So what did my company decide to do? Well for starters the director of IT is letting us borrow LCD monitors while we still work at there... So at least until I decide to go somewhere else, I've got two fairly nice 17" LG monitors. Unfortunetly they don't have DVI connectors, so while the picture is much better than CRT's, it's still not quite as crisp as it could be. But I guess that'll be the extent of my complaining, because it's pretty sweet to have 2 LCD montors sitting on my desk at home instead of to HUGENORMOUS regular monitors measureing 19 & 17 inches. I've already put the extra desk space to good use and cleaned things up quite a bit.

So is there a downside to this? Well technically yeah... Right now of I have those two "HUGENORMOUS" CRT monitors sitting on the floor of my room which is fustrating me to no end. Right now I'm not excatly sure what to do with them... I can't get rid of them because I'd be pretty screwed the day I decide to leave my current job.. So I'll figure something out. Right now I'm thinking about letting my parents use the 17", because it might fit for the downstairs computer. They have a pretty nifty corner desk set up for the computer (that I and my dad put together) which gives them tons of desk space. However we got it back in 1995 when I bought my packardbell computer, (or mabe a little before then?) At any rate, 14" monitors were what was envouge at the time, so that's what it was designed for. I'm not sure that you could fit a 17" there, but I'm sure going to try.

Well, other than that not a whole lot is new right now... I did find out a few days ago that the reason why I had been feeling sick ever since leaving my parents home was because I had a nifty little sinus infection! Hooray :P I'm still on antibiotics, but I do feel quite a bit better now. The saddest part of being sick? I'm forced to abstain from beer, and the new world tour over at the winking lizard just started :(


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