Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ok... So admit it... It's finally happened... After being told repeatedly that I would become addicted to the Hero's TV show if I watched it, I give... I am in fact, addicted to Hero's... It all started with a Zune video download, and posts on the high def digest forums... I was told there again that I'd become addicted to this show there too, and finally I went and watched the pilot... It was alright, in and of it's self not quite crack, but entertaining. But then I went to, and noticed that the HD DVD's for the whole of Season 1 were selling for $30 through one of their vendors. So I bit, what the hell, the pilot was good, why not get a full season in quality HD for $30? I mean, when the heck else am I going to get that kind of deal? I sure won't with the upcoming bluray's.

So, last night the HD DVD's finally came in and I watched episode 2. Again, very entertaining though not quite crack.. More like, Marijuana. So today, after helping out a friend and spending a lovely day at work I decided to watch Episode 3 and an episode of Space: Above and Beyond (I got those on DVD as well)... Well, I started at 6pm, and now it's 8:47 and I'm on episode 6 of Hero's.

Over all, a very well done series and I like very much. I suspect that I won't have any trouble catching up with Season 1 very quickly. All in all, I'm not quite sure if it's 100% on battlestar level, but.... It certainly will keep me from jumping off a cliff when the show is finally finished off this season (ok, slight dramatization).


Blogger Whitey said...

Holy crap I hate you!!! I read this and added Hero's to my NetFlix instant queue. My wife and I stayed up so late watching season one!

I really like this series. It's never going to be as kewl as Firefly, but it's a nice distraction!

5:58 PM  
Blogger Carlo said...

Dude Heroes is awesome, I hope you're caught up to S3! Things have gotten really interesting, though I'm dissapointed with a few events.

11:02 AM  

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