Friday, June 09, 2006

Home again this weekend

Looks to be another boring weekend for me :P

Not quite as bad as Kat's is starting out though... Reason why I'm staying is because she got a migrain this morning, after already suffering an attack earlier this week :P Some seriouse not funness for her. So every one send her good luck getting your head to stop splitting it's self in two juju's ok? :)

Besides that rather sad bit of news?

Well, I finally went ahead and bought F.E.A.R (First Encounter Assult Recon). Aside from the fact that some people were seriously stretchng things to get that acronym to work, and some generic lines in the game, over all great game. I'm really getting in to it, but freaked out first person shooters tend to grab me. I don't know why, maybe I have some deep rooted desider to fight a hopless fight against demonic forces... who knows... But it's super fun! The game features a super freaky 8 year old demon girl that seriously reminds me of the girl from the Ring. The intersting part is the game keeps you guessing as to which side is really the good side. The "bad guy's" you're after (who are following the demon girl) or your side. I'm still at an early part in the game, can't wait to get farther... Oh well, enough of that.

Next on this weekends agenda? Well, I downloaded Windows Vista last night, and got it burnt to DVD today (installer is like 4GB). So far I have yet to figure out how I'm going to get it installed. Problem is that the Vista installer doesn't seem to be able to recognise the promise IDE controller that the extra hard drive is installed on (this sucker is like 6 years old). I tried moving that hard drive on to my nForce IDE controller (Vista is nVidia happy out of the box), but it turns out my Windows XP can't boot with the drive there any more because my page file is on that drive! I guess it needs the disk to be right where it is in order to be able to find the page file... Ahhh, the joys of playing around with modern computers. Oh well, I"m sure I'll get this thing installed eventually, other people have asked about the promise controller, and seem to have drives.. Though with my luck they were able to get away with 32bit drivers which I won't be able to. :P Oh well, Glass prettiness will have to wait for another day.

Other than that? No idea, I'm thinking about calling my friend Melly, she's a lot of fun. And I've only hung out with her once since getting down here. So that would be coolness. Gotta watch how I spend though, I want to have money to visit kat one of these days darnet! lol!


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