Saturday, October 01, 2005

Amanda, Order of the Phoenix, Stuff :)

Well, it's been a little bit since my last post, so I figured what the heck? Why not post again? :)

Well, Jon and I have met a new friend at the Lizard, a really cute and bubbly waitress called Amanda (or Amanda-Panda as we found out last night). We spent a good hour last night talking with her about stuff, she's really cool. So I have hatached a plan to go ahead and get her phone number. We're pretty sure we'll get it, and if we do it'd be cool. I'd really like to have a new friend, and honestly she's cute to ;) And as an added bonus one of her friends are going to be starting at the lizard tomorrow, so maybe we'll get to be friends with her too :D We also got to talk to her manager and tell him how we love her and all of the wait staff at the Lizard. The winking lizard is one of the best resturants I've ever been too. The wait staff are great, the prices are great and they have a good beer selection, what could a guy ask for? :)

Order of the Phoenix:
I just finished HP, the Order of the Phoenix. Great book, I totally loved it! It really gave a whole lot of background as to why certain things were the way that they were. I really can't wait for the 6th book to come in, it should hopefully be here soem time soon.

Well, other stuff that's been going on... Since I finished the Order of the Phoenix I've gotten back into playing Resident Evil 4 again. I just got to a part where Ashley is driving a big truck thing and Leon needs to fight off like hundreds of infected people. This after having to take on like 3 iron madens in a row, then a couple of the weaker versions of the iron maden. Fortunetly the hunderds of infected guards are really weak, only takes a couple of TMP rounds to kill them so it shouldn't be too bad. I just have to make sure I destroy the big truck that's coming to run us over sooner than I did on our first attempt.

Also, pretty soon my Programming Windows CE book should come in, so hopefully I'll be able to get into pocket PC programming soon. First thing I want to do is write a chat client, one that can do AIM/ICQ/Yahoo to start with, then maybe add in MSN and other protocols as I can learn them.

Just today my speacial head phones for my pocket PC phone came in, so I can start using my phone as an Mp3 player. That will be really cool, I can load up my SD card with Mp3's at home then take them to work and listen to them on my phone, should be fun. Only annoying thing is my headphone jack is really fussy, I'm gussing that's why my phone was on ebay. But still, for $200 bucks, I'm not complaining. I love my phone! Well, I guess that's all for now. C-yall later