Monday, October 27, 2008

Kindness of strangers....

Was listening to a CNN video stream while I work and I just heard about this.

Well, here's something you love to hear about... A lady in texas recently found her self in a position that many in this nation have found them selves, their house being foreclosed on and her life in disarray. Apparently this lady decided to go to the auction at which her house was being auctioned off for some closure. As I'm sure we can all imagine this was a very emotional time for her, and she was sitting there a the auction crying.

Well another lady (a true one) named Marylin (sorry missed her last name) noticed her crying and asker her what was wrong. The lady who lost her house and related her story to Marylin who apparently really took her story to heart. What she did was I think quite astounding, he bought the house for the lady who lost it and gave it right back to her. Can you guys believe that? I actually heard the story twice on today's CNN news feed and I still can't believe it my self.

If you can get away with it, I suggest you turn on the feed and see if it pops back up again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More politics

Post update:
So Palin is now trying to say she was just trying to answer this question in a way a 3rd grader would understand. Nice try, but I don't think anyone will buy it, why? Because explaining things in terms a child will understand doesn't mean you have to explain it incorrectly. Try this Gov. Palin:
Well so and so, the role of the vice president is to help explain to congress why they should support the President's ideas. Also sometimes they can vote in the Senate if there is a tie. See that? Simple and correct.

Hey everyone, seems like everyone is getting swept up in the elections this year my self included. I don't usually post this kind of thing to my blog, but it's just one more nail in the McCain/Palin tickets coffin for me. Yes yes, I already voted but I guess it just makes me even more glad I voted Obama, check the cnn vid below

I'm sorry governor Palin, but the VP is *NOT* "In charge" of the Senate nor do they get to make policy changes for the purposes of manipulating congress to make them more agreeable with the executive branch.

I can only guess that she must have failed her civics class back in her school days, if she hadn't perhaps she would understand the concept of checks and balances. There's a reason why the legislative branch is separate from the executive branch, it's to ensure that the president doesn't become too powerful and start moving this great nation more in the direction of being an autocracy.

I can only hope that the McCain/Palin ticket never makes it to the white house. I really don't think this nation needs continued trickle down economics, nor does it need continued manipulation of the legislative branch by a VP that doesn't understand the constitution and it especially doesn't need an indefinite continuation of the war in Iraq.

Now I know some of you may think "well she's not all that off base, the constitution says she can vote in the case of the tie and that she's the president of the senate". Here's the thing, there's really not a lot of room for interpretation here, the ability to vote in the case of a time means just that, she can vote strictly in the case of a tie. What this doesn't mean is that you can just "go in there and make policy changes" unilaterally. The VP can not just walk in to the senate and change voting procedures, for instance or other general rules, guide lines and procedures for the purposes of making the senate friendly to the executive branch.  Article 1 of the constitution specific here for a reason, it's to ensure that legislative branch can continue to operate freely of improper influence from the executive branch.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So I've officially done it, I've officially voted in the 2008 presidential elections through north carolian's early voter system. More or less, this system is based on the absentee ballot system, only instead of filling out the ballot at home and mailing it in, you go to one of the states designated early voting places and vote as if you were voting on election day.

So who did I vote for? Hmm, should I keep that a secrete? Leave you all in suspense? Naaaw, I voted Obama. The most important issues for me are the war on terror, and how it's been going in the wrong direction, and the future of healthcare in our great nation. I strongly feel we need out of Iraq, a new focus on Afghanastan and Al-Quida/The Taliban (particularly the capture or death of Osama Bin-Ladin), Iraq.... Lets face it, there's only one reason why George W. Bush invaded Iraq, so he can show up his father by ousting Saddam Hussain, that was in. Pure and simple he just wanted to prove he could finish the job his father was smart enough to leave unfinished years ago.

As far as healthcare, I'm a very strong believer that there needs to be a safety net for all american citizens, no one should go with out the medical attention they require. That's excatly what the Senator from Illinois is proposing, not communism or socialism, a safety net pure and simple. Basically for those of us with employer provided healthcare, we're keeping our current healthcare pure and simple. For those people that have employer provided care, but have to pay crushing fees to get coverage, the Obama administration is going to make sure your employee buy in price gets reduced significantly. For those of you who just don't have any sort of healthcare, you can buy into a federal plan, very similar to the very same socialized medicine system that Senator McCain has had access to his entire life.

So anyway, that's my adventure for today, and the reasons why I'm currently feeling more "GoBama" than pro-mccain and voiced my opinion appropriately. For everyone else out there, I strongly urge that you make sure you get out and vote!! Have a great weekend y'all