Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So I am officially roommate and catless now. I helped nikki get all of her stuff up to Greenville last monday, then last friday she pretty much officially moved to her new apartments. I'll defiantly miss having a friend around like I have, and though the cats drove me up the wall from time to time I have to admit I'll even miss them.

As far as the search for a roommate? Well, it goes very very slowly. Apparently this is the off season for roommates. I can't say I'm 100% disappointed. Right now I've got me 2 bedrooms all to my self. I'm sleeping in the masterbed room now on a king size areo bed type blowup bed. Then "my room" has become a (currently rather messy) office and guest bedroom with twin bed. Over all, not a bad set up, but alas... It is going to have to end... It's great, but not twice as much in rent for 12 months great!

Friday, April 13, 2007


According to this MSNBC news item, it seems that indeed dinosaurs are the distance cousins of birds, and in fact, the Chicken is the closest living relative to the mighty T-Rex! Dino on the BBQ anyone? But the real question in all this, when will Jurassic park be built? :D

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No white Easter for me :)

I knew there was a reason why I moved to NC, and apparently the distinct lack of a white Easter was it. From what I'm told, my parents got a snowy Easter surprise, at least Grand Rapids (where one of my college friends live) is having yet another one. But here in Morrisville? Not a flake of snow in sight, thank you very much :D

So what did I do with my Easter? Well, my friend Kathy was in town so I made sure I had plenty of time to catch up with her and spend some time. It was great to finally see her again, it's been since Christmas. Also hung out with some of my other friends as well. But other than that, it was very quiet. The roommate had gone to a wedding over the weekend so I was home alone.

The only sad part? Well after paying off my car and fixing up it's brakes last month (which totaled to roughly a "well damn" amount of money) I ended up exceptionally broke as of Saturday. So It's been home cooked pasta and just plain chilling for me.

Well, I hope everyone out there has had a totally awesome Easter. Mine was pretty good that is for sure!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Scams everywhere....

Well, my search for a roommate on roommates.com has taught me that there are indeed, scams everywhere. Right now what I've been running into is a string of (typically female) "applicants" that claim to be highly educated individuals who are born and raised in English speaking countries and do all kinds of wondrous humanitarian work all over the globe.

Problem is, for being native born they don't seem to have any sort of grasp on the English language. Now I admit, I'm a horrible speller. But an Australian born Pathologist raised in Ontario CA stringing together a sentence like

"i am so much contented with the room and will appreciate if you can just remove the ad. from the website and rent the room to me."

good lord... If you read the entire email you can't help be reminded old B grade Japanese sci-fi movies... A couple of black and white Japanese kids running around the streets of Tokyo gleefully proclaiming that playing ball would be "very pleasing to me".

The best part is if you bother responding to the email. They immediately tell you the good news that their employer has given them $4,800 (or so) to move in and all they need is your back acct.# to deposit the money... Hmm, are they going to be making with drawls to some where in Africa the minute they have all the info they need? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaw...

Ah well, here's hoping I find some people that are legitimately looking for a place to live.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Going along with chimps weilding spears...

An anonymous reader writes "A Brazilian court has already issued a writ of habeas corpus in the name of a chimp. And now an Austrian court may well decide that a chimpanzee is a 'person' with what up until now have been called human rights." From the story in the Guardian/Observer: "He recognizes himself in the mirror, plays hide-and-seek and breaks into fits of giggles when tickled. He is also our closest evolutionary cousin. A group of world leading primatologists argue that this is proof enough that Hiasl, a 26-year-old chimpanzee, deserves to be treated like a human. In a test case in Austria, campaigners are seeking to ditch the 'species barrier' and have taken Hiasl's case to court. If Hiasl is granted human status — and the rights that go with it — it will signal a victory for other primate species and unleash a wave of similar cases."


Really don't have time to express my opinion right now.. It's late, I'm suffering bad from allergies and need to go to work tomorrow. So I'll edit later... This is about the most interesting thing I've read in a while though...


Well, I'm back... It's good Friday, got home early for work so I figured I'd come back and edit in my own thoughts... Personally I think that, these people are crazy.... Call me speciesist I suppose, but I think that in order to get "Human Rights" any species should have at least "Human" intelligence (or greater). It may be that the chimp laugh, cry and exhibit all these other emotions, but to be frank.... They are still creatures very much ruled by their environment. While it may be that in a few thousand (more likely million) years they may be our sentient cousins almost indistinguishable from our selves, the fact is right now they're not quite there yet. Personally, I would say that for the time being, chimps should continue to receive, animal rights. But hey, maybe I'm wrong and we'll all be taken over by a big army of chimps ;)

Monday, April 02, 2007


They have CD'S!! Who the hell knew? I sure didn't... It's the funniest damn thing I've ever heard in my life (Oh yes, I bought one for $5 on amazon). I think everyone should go buy one of them... You are guaranteed to split your side. Just be careful, apparently some of these have become collectors items. Many go for $50+, but there are some out there for much cheaper :)