Monday, June 25, 2007

Wii have a problem...

Yes, I did steal the rather clever title from the dudes, but it's very apt so there you are. At any rate, after a good while of super fun entertainment (Zelda is awesome), my Wii has started displaying all kinds of little visual artifacts... In the form of tiny colored boxes in screen... You see it playing any game under Wii OS, actual wii games and virtual console games. Odd part? They are not so apparent (or possible even there) if you play good ol' game cube games in the wii. Go figure!

Other than that not a whole bunch going on... Just found out that the Shamrock in down town Marquette is closing down! Shocking news, this place as literally been open for over a century! And what is it going to be? Yet another steak house... Ok, well it really isn't like Marquette has an over abundance of those, or anything for that matter. We're talking strict college town, 50,000 people and that is the biggest city in the whole entire UP (half the population of the entire UP in fact) (that's Michigan's upper pen. for those not in the know).

In other news, my friend Kathy (blog linked) has just gotten her self a totally awesome job not more than a few days after gradating with her second bachelors in Elementary Ed. So a huge contgrats to you kat, you really are the bomb! Only sad part is she'll be living far away, well sad for me 'cause I'll still be far away from the friend that put the idea to move to this state in my head in the first place. Anyway, I hope that anyone and everyone that just happens to come across this blog entry will join me in wish the very best for her :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

The TV is in!

Well, last Thursday was the day! I got my shiny new TV in (with a ton of help from Kathy and her dad, they totally rock)! I have to say I'm totally digging it. I had the Time Warner people get my new HD-DVR installed on Sunday, I have the Wii hooked up with component video and the x-box going. Only bummer, the TV actually down converts 5.1 signals to 2.1 (aka Dolby's marketing name for stereo). So I had to get me a neat little fiber optic switch thing so I can keep my 5.1 goodness. YAY TV!