Friday, October 06, 2006


I can't say much about this one, other than to just post it up....

Hastert asserted Wednesday that any Republicans urging his ouster were playing into the hands of Democrats and blamed his problems on the media and Democratic operatives, even suggesting former President Clinton might somehow be involved.

Yes.... Just keep telling your self that... It'll be aaaaallll better I promise.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello all!

Yeah yeah, it's been a bit. Time just seems to be slipping by so quickly it's amazing! I'm totally digging the NC fall! This is more like late summer way yonder up north! I'm in total Carlo heaven!

Well, as for what's going on recently... Well, lets see here...

Just today I got in a nice shiny new 19" LCD monitor that I picked up at for a mear $200! I can remember when a monitor like this would be $500 easy! It's a view sonic VA912b, the selling point for me was great reviews and DVI inputs! Hopefully one of these day's I'll get to pair it up with a second, but for now! MAN DO i HAVE MORE SPACE ON MY DESK!!!

I was also recently invited to a Holloween party my friend Melly Chan is having, I haven't gotten back to her yet but I do plan on attending! It should be great stuff! NC is rocking in terms of how often I get to spend time with people I know! I was only just getting to know some people up in OH, and at that there was only half a handful that I really cared to hang out with (Jen/Bear/Elder few others). I came to NC knowing more people off the bat and I'm actually meeting some new ones more quickly. So great there too!

In news that might seem odd to some, I've taken to bringing my computer to work recently. It's kind of a pain in some (obviouse) ways. For instance lugging it around! :P But it's proving to be nice in others. Like when I want to work on something at home I'm not thwarted by having files exclusivly checked out at the office computer! In addition to that nice bonus, I also reformatted the office computer and put Windows Server 2003 R2 on it (company was nice enough to get me an MSDN subscription!) So I've turned that one into a sort of QC server for my EMR/RIS work! It's working out great so far! Even have all sorts of neat flash and bang type javascript projects... yeah yeah, they aren't heavy in back end (actually most of the backend I need for all this was already written awhile ago for my adv. scheduling project!) but is sure is fun! And it sure will help sell more RIS!!! Which will mean my company grows, and happyness for all!

Well, can't think of much else... I've been feeling rather bleh lately, not sleeping quite as much as I should :P Well, I'm off! Talk to you guys later!