Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another quiz the bear found....

Well, decided to do another quiz the bear found and posted about... I like these kinds of things, they usually end up being lots of fun (something the bear needs lots of right now). It's "what kind of beer are you", apparently I'm guinnes


(100% dark & bitter, 100% working class, 66% genuine)

Okay, we all know Guinness is the best possible score on any "What Kind Of Beer Are You" test, so you can just go on and pat yourself on the back now. Like the world's most famous brew, you're genuine, you've got good taste, and you're sophisticated. What else can I say, except congratulations?

If your friends didn't score the same way, get ready for them to say: Guinness is too heavy; it's an acquired taste; it's too serious--and they probably think those things about you at times. But just brush 'em off. Everybody knows Guinness is the best. Cheers.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on dark

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You scored higher than 99% on workingclass

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You scored higher than 99% on genuine
Link: The If You Were A Beer Test written by gwendolynbooks on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Ugh... The one real negative to being down here, mega allergies... For the most part they've been gone this summer, but just today, BAMBI! Seems like no matter how much meads I take, it just doesn't tally subside. Oh well, once the medical insurance kicks in I will see an allergiest and (hopefully) be done with this allergy crap.

On an interesting note, history channel...
Holy crap, Roman Women used to make them selves up all pretty using pidgin droppings and crocodile dung... Dude, no wonder they all went depraved and mad! I have no idea what I would do if I found out the girl I was just making out with had pidgin droppings and crocodile dung all over her face!!

Friday, August 18, 2006


Spent the night out with my roomy, and kat... It was a rather fun evening, to some degree bitter sweet for me but I was happy with my self. I've been forcing my self to go ahead and immidiatly start my friendship back up with kathy, because to be quite frank, her friendship is a very important thing. And I don't want to go through another couple or so year period of time not really talking to her that much again, that was quite hard (most the time I was in OH).

You know, thinking about it now, I remember when we first started talking again after having not really "seen" eachother for a while. And what I remember the most about it is being so incredibly happy that even after all that time our friendship still seemed to be fairly strong, and that there was a pretty good chance I'd have my best friend back again.

I guess in away that's how I feel now, I'm happy that I have my friend. I'm even happier that I have my friend in siginficantly closer proximity than she generally has been in the past. And as a bonus I had a chance tonight to do something I've been desperatly wanting to do since last thursday. I got a moment alone with kat to make sure that what we've been though isn't going to affect our friendship. And the reaction was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. She seemed to be hoping the same thing. So there we are, back to friends again like, apparently, we should be. I'm not going to say it isn't hard right now for me, but I am so completely happy that I know she will always be there for me as my friend. Well, it's very late, or early depending on how you look at things... in either case, I still have work tomorrow so I'm off to bed. Good night all.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well... I guess first of all... this is a disclaimer moment (since I know now that people read my blog). This is for me, and people that I know (personally) and love (in any way shape or form) so if you don't qualify then well... Keep rude opionions to your self....

Kathy... First and formost, she and I don't work in a relationship beyond friendship, this summer has proven that. As far as that goes, it's fairly perminantly and determained.... However right now in case kathy is reading, and I hope she is , it should be noted that she is worthy of the love I hoped we would have, and that she still, and will always have no matter what, have my devotion as a friend.

As of today, we are offically not even exploring anything more than friendship (strickly), which for me, kind of hurts. Mostly because I love her (obviously) more than anyone out side of my immediat family. In fact, she taught me what it means to truely love wheather she meant to or not . But here I am, facing the reality that it doesn't work... Well... between she and I, hopefully between me and somebody else one of these days... but righ now I don't know what to do with my life.... For a long time in one way or another she has given me direction... Either to get her to love me the way I want, or to keep her love when she offered it...

Dispite my current lack of direction, and general feeling of hurt, ultimitly it should be said that I am so increadibly greatful for her. For my having gotten to meet her, for her wanting to persue friendship with me, for at one time her offering her love to me, and I guess even for her deciding that I wasn't the right person for it. I know I love her, because I can say, even in my pain right now, that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I hope that one day she, and I both find the people that we need to be with. And more so than that, I hope that she and I continue to have the same, deep friendship that in the past, has gotten us, mainly me in to trouble, but hopfully with out so much confusion and hurt.

Kathy, if you read this I hope what you get from this is that above all, I value your friendship and hope to have it always (as you will have mine). For everyone else, don't lose site of what is important to you like I repeatedly have. Good night.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Flee/Farmers market fun!

Well, yesterday I went out with the roomy and one of her friends to the local flee market (then farmers market) for the first time. It was pretty fun, actually the first time I've been to a flee market in the USA (been to more than a few in Peru). I actually did end up picking up a video game at the flee market, EA Sports NHL 2002. I've been wanting a hockey game for my x-box for a little while now, so when I saw that sitting there for $10 I decided to go for it. Game is pretty fun, and it even takes advantage of my 5.1 DTS sound system fairly well, so I'm pretty happy with it. Over at the farmers market Igot a whole bunch of produce that was turned into a pretty good linguini sauce by my roommate (she's a good cook), and a "Magnolia Carolina" White Wine. Not usually a fan of whites, but it had a nice golden color so I decided to pick it up. I hope it doesn't end up being overly sweet like a lot of them can be, even so, at least it has an awesome color, that's gotta be worth something :)

Also stopped by the local grocery store and picked up a really cool "Super Dart Gun" It's a fiarly cheap version of the toy guns that you pull into it's self and it shoots foam darts. In this case the rear handle is squeezed compressing the air and shooting the dart out. The thing is the coolest, it can shoot clear across my appt with some decent accuracy. It was great for running around shooting my roommate and her friend. He picked up a foam airplane cross bow type thing, that wasn't quite as good. The airplanes don't shoot straight so it's not really good for shooting at people... my super foam gun totally rocks!

This post may or may not have included submilinal messages. If you feel like bringing me beer then it probably did.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So what to do now...

...that I know people actually read my blog... I've been mulling this over, and I've come to a decision. Subliminal messages... Yes, I can use this covert messages to take over the world. It will start out innocently enough at first, just a few people will seem to be hooked on my blog... Then, it will become the latest internet phenomenon, then... I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Look for subliminal messages coming in the next few posts.