Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well... Ok not quite exaclty, but I did have a get together this evening that just broke up... Not bad, esp considering the very few number of ppl I really know here. Roomy ended up working, so she was out of the picture unforutnetly. But my friend Mel and her guy Ivar were awsome helping me spread the word and getting some people to show up. All said and done I had Mel, Ivar, Joe and Pete over, we had some beers, ate some pizza, played a bit of DOA and mario cart and generally chilled and chatted. It was for sure a great way to spend the weeked. So! Though I doubt any ppl who came read this blog, thanks for coming over! it was awesome!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Medical Insurance...

Hooray!!! I have medical insurance!!! That means I can go play in traffic now!!! j/k, but seriously, it is good to have med. insurance again! I was really worrying I'd get a random sist somewheres on my body like my roommate did and end up in the whole 30K+ (ouch), but now I need not worry! why! Because of blue care options! hooray!!!


Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well, I got pulled over for the first time here in Raleigh, NC... But that's not the weird part, anyone who knows me knows I have a tendancy to speed, so getting pulled over will happen. Fortunetly for all involved I understand and accept this so I tend to make things as easy on the officer as I can (i.e. not be stupid jerk complaining about how they could be catching "real" crooks).

What was weird, is the that officer seemed to recognize my name... I've had lots of people swear that they know me based on how I look, I guess I"m just a familiar looking kind of dude. But almost everyone is always confounded by my name... It's not exactly common (here), so to have him recoginize me by name through me for a loop, particularly since I'm pretty gosh darned sure I have no clue who he was... He did appear to be about my age, perhaps a little older, so maybe it's a friend of a friend type situation and I've just never met the guy before. Kathy and her family used to be quite familiar with the police in this town (in a good way!) so maybe she mentioned me at somepoint to someone there that for some reason remembered? Or perhaps the dude was just all confused (most likely senario). But I thought it was odd!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to geekdome for a post....

Holy toledo! Microsoft's Windows Vista RC-1 (64bit edition) finally alows you to install winamp and *STILL* boot afterwards! It's totally amazing!!! hehehe, this application really has been the bane of windows vista, at least in my little bit of experience. I'd have to say this Realease Candidate is feeling very nice over all. Memory useage is down to just under 700MB with few running apps, bit high, but not as bad as it used to be. And over all speed is great! Once MS actually has drivers for this new OS it might actually be nice.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Steve Irwin...

Ahhh, the crocadile hunter... I can't think of a more enthusiastic wild life conservationist, who truely had a passion for teaching the whole world about a variaty of dangourous creaters and why we should respect and admir them, but not fear them.

Well, unfortunetly today was his last day. While out shooting for his daughters Discovery Kids program, he accidently boxed in a Sting Ray and was stung in the chest, apparently the stinger penetrated the heart killing him. Steve was 44 years old.

This is a sad day for the world, we've really lost one of the greatest wild life conservationists in the world. Personally, I'm going to miss seeing him on his adventures...

What to do on labor day when you don't know very many people...

Well, this is what I have been thinking all weekend... And I came to some rather generic conclusions as to things to do (so far).

1). Rent a bunch of movies...
So far, I've watched the first StarWars A New Hope and The Empire Strikes back and Phantom Menas, Star Trek First Contact and finally doom all in wide screen DVD (most I have on video tape (blah) and the last one I have on DVD but in full screen, so blah. I have to say the most impressive out of all of these were the two original starwars movies I rented. It's pretty clear to be that George Lucas with through *a lot* of trouble to remaster the audio and clean up the video for these, because over all they hold up fairly well against most modern sci-fi movies, particularly the audio where I presum they had the most leway to modify things. The 5.1 response was great! lazer blasts blowing things up all around you, who could possibly ask for more? Most of the video was also extreamly clean and crip considering how long ago these were shot, it only starts to fall down when you get to some of the scenes they couldn't fix up, like the Millenium Falcon being chased through an astroid field by tie fighters. They just couldn't re-do the SFX on things like that with out risking making these scenes look out of place in the rest of the movie I suppose. But over all, great stuff.

I picked up this game just after moving here, and have been playing it on and off since (mostly off). Well, today I finally beat it, wow was it a cool game! First of all, the game play was fairly unique for a first person shooter. There was a lot of needing to bring your gun up at the ready and actually thinking about the shots you're going to take. Not to mention peeking around corners, sneaking up on your enemy's flank and such fun stuff. Very different than say, doom or Quake where you pretty much just walk around unloading lots of rounds in to masses of bad guys. To add to the uniquness the story centered around your connection to the mad man you're hunting, and this odd demonic little girl who reminds me of the little girl from the Ring movies (nope, can't remember her name). The game was great stuff, if you're into gameing and such, you should pick it up for sure. Next on my list, more Oblivion.

Wooo hoo! work! hehe, yeah right... But as it is, I"m a bit behind on my EMR projects. I've got a ton of them, and haven't really had the time to knock a lot of them out. So I took the oppertunity this weekend to work on a few of the smaller projects and hopefully have them knocked out...

Well, that's about it from up here. Hope every one had a fun and safe weekend.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gotta love sci-fi....

Wow, just watched the coolest (read horrible) movie on sci-fi channel (recorded the other night). SS-Doom Trooper, yes those Nazi's are up to it again... It seems they have genetically altered some "subjects" using "atomic radiation" into some being horrible monster that can turn you to ash through electrocution or just rip you in half the old factioned way. It star's (if you follow the series) StarGate SG-1's Jonas Quinn (lasted one season), and a bunch of other people I had never seen before. If you have a chance to catch it, it is highly recommended.

Aside from B-movies sci-fi has some great stuff going on... There's who wants to be a super hero that the bear blogged about. The of course my personal fav, the new school BattleStar Galactica (season starts 10/6). This show is awesome, action packed, lots of drama, lots of evil robots, and who can forget the sexy women that happen to be evil demonic cylons (like #6). This season is going to start with the colonists occupied on New Caprica, and Admiral and Cmdr Adama deciding if they're going to go rescue the occupied colonists. Can't wait!

Newest coolest show there is Eureka. Take one average joe US. Martial, make him the Sherriff of a small town that happens to be populated with the smartest scientists on planet earth, add in some mysterious alien artifacts in "section 5" and you get all kinds of mischief, hijinx and fun!