Monday, January 28, 2008

First post from laptop.

Taking a second to write my first post from my laptop (yes, at the office), so it will be quick. Not much going on other than it's officially confirmed that my mom need chemotherapy so we're waiting for that to begin. As far as dosages and whatever else is involved we have no clue yet, as soon as we do I'll post here.

In other news, girl I've been emailing back and forth with disappeared off the face of the earth last weekend (and week actually). So I suppose I can only take that as a not interested? Or maybe she's too busy? Perhaps swallowed by the Bermuda triangle? Lord only knows, whatever the case I guess she's officially written off the list and I'm moving on ::sigh::

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Up late again...

And why do you ask?? Well this time I'm in the process of upgrading my Windows Vista Laptop to well... Windows Vista! What a change right? Well it turns out the sucker came with "Home Premium" on it, I thought this would be fine actually. I knew that this version supported just about everything I needed... But the comes microsoft's artificial road block, virtual PC.... Yep, this doesn't work on any home version of microsoft's latest and greatest, so I needed to up to the highest version you can possibly get.

Fortunately, rather than having to pay for this upgrade I happen to have an MSDN subscription thanks to my company (yay company!). So I just burned the DVD and got started. Sadly, I can't do the "anytime upgrade" option like that (for this you MUST pay the $159, ouch)! So, I had to do an upgrade install.. This after installing lots of updates and development tools... God I hope it works right!

Anyway, not much to report right now. In theory I have a date this weekend, nothing big just coffee. The girl is great, other than she takes a bit of time to respond. Yes, the busy girl, I figured I might as well meet up. We do seem to get along in email, so who knows maybe that will extend to in person as well. Anyway, I say in theory because while we've agreed to meet, I haven't heard back from her yet as to when and where, so with some luck that will be coming.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch a movie with my friend E, that should be great. E (Elizabeth) is awesome and a lot of fun so it should be a good oppertunity for me to get (and hopefully keep) things off my mind that seem to just not go away. Nothing horrid like my mom's cancer, that has actually been going pretty well thus far. As well as one could possibly dream/hope/pray for which I feel very happy and blessed about. Just other stuff.

Anyway, I suppose I should walk over to Lappy (this is my new laptop's name, which Leslie encouraged me to call it) and see how he's doing with the upgrade. Good night everyone.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Up way too late...

It's way to late at night, I really should be asleep right now but I really just don't feel like I can at the moment. So I figured what the heck, I'll go ahead and write up a blog entry. So not much has been going on in my life lately. I am pleased to say that I have managed to continue to email back and forth with the girl I mentioned in my blog earlier. Though at present, communication is spuradic at best. I guess she's a busy gal, hopefully not too busy that a we absolutly won't be able to try and get something going. As of right now we've agreed that we are enjoying communicating and we do want to meet up for a causual date. That is something I suppose. To be honest I'm amazed that I can be considering this right now, and in some ways excited about it (ok, would be a bit more excited if communication was more steady, but hey). I've been very down about the idea of love lately, probably from the dissapointement I had a little while ago. I'm not going to talk much about it because really there's no reason to, other than to say it's really made me feel very negative about the idea of ever really starting a good relationship with some one. Really more along the lines that it just isn't possible. I guess I am hoping that this girl I'm talking to could prove me wrong in the end. She's got potential, I'll say that much.

So, I guess I should post something about my mom. Honestly, there isn't a lot to say at this point other than she's recovering from her surgery. As of last I talked to her, we were waiting for some test to be preformed that will tell us how to treat her illness. As far as I know the test hasn't been performed yet, I guess still waiting on billing to be straightend out. Seems odd to me, some one has cancer, we need to know how to treat it, but they're not about to go about figureing that out until they know how they're going to be getting paid. Thank god we have private medicine right?

Other stuff going on... I'm spending way too much money, that's for sure. Just tonight I *FINALLY* got my self a laptop. This is actually somthing that has needed to happen for a while. I've never done it because, frankely it hasn't been practical. But here I am with my brand new HP laptop. Spent a bit of time customising it tonight, got rid of Norton, put on Avast (if it has to do with priates it must be good av right?) and did what windows updates needed to be done. I also ordered up 2GB of memory which is the max this machine can have. Also, beside the laptop I got a very cheap digital tv tuner for my PC. Basically I just wanted something that would let me toy with Windows Media Center. That has been a lot of fun. I've discovered I can record stuff in HD, tell Windows to burn it to DVD, and it'll automatically re-encode it properly for regular DVD. Best part is since the source is HD, it actually up-scales back to HD very nicely in my toshiba HD DVD player (RIP HD DVD format :( ). Now I *VERY SERIOUSLY* am in *MAJOR* debt repayment mode. I should be getting some extra cash from work and the roommate to help out with that.

anyway, I need to be asleep. So I think that's where I'm going now. Good night.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wow, consumer electronics...

So my bluray player officially broke today, and will be out for up to 1 month with best buy's product service play (yay :P). Which made me think, am I the only one that has noticed how these things didn't break this often way back in the day? I mean our very first VCR ever in my family lasted from about when we first moved to the states (1980) till my freshman year of college (1997). Also, when I was younger we got a nintendo which ran great with out any issues for a long time (eventually the contacts corroded inside, but that took years).

Since I've started on my consumer electronics buying splurge this year, I've gotten a Wii that needed to be fixed, an x-box that needed to be fixed twice and now a bum bluray player. Out of everything I have, the only things that work absolutely flawlessly are the JVC receiver, Toshiba HD DVD player (RIP HD DVD :( ) and Toshiba HDTV. Only 50% of your home theater working well seems rather crappy to me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone, I hope everyone had a fun, safe, awesome holiday. Mine was pretty decent, I was back in Detroit from December 23rd - 28th which was fun and refreshing. Didn't see everyone that I wanted to see while I was there, notably my college friends Kelly and Eddy. But I did see my high school gang which was great, everyone there is doing very well. I also got to see Steve and Lynn's new baby girl, she was absolutely cute as a button.

While I was there, I found out my mom's biopsy results from her recent surgery. It turns out that while the 1st lymph node showed no signs of cancer at all, the second one actually did. So there will be another surgery to remove more lymph nodes. From what I understand this puts us back into a bit of a wait and see mode. I guess some form of chemo(sp?) is an absolute certainty now, but we don't know if it will be a pill kind or a drip kind, at least that's what I understood.

On the relationships front, well as to be expected there's absolutely nothing to report. I've been trying to meet up with girls on the dating website and seeing where that gets me since I don't know anyone off hand that I would want to date 'round these parts. I've met one girl on there so far that I'm actually kind of interested in, but I literally just met her, and being the holidays emailing back and fourth is slow. So we'll see what happens there. Honestly a bit nervous about the whole dating thing at this point, but there is the whole if I ever want to be happy I need to start looking for someone thing, so I suppose that is motivation.

Anyway, happy new year everyone.

P.S., yeah I never did figure out what's wrong with my blog formatting. I just don't have the energy for it. So I suppose for the time being it'll stay this way. Perhaps one magical day it'll fix its self.

P.P.S, ok changing to the blue version of my blog seems to have fixed it. Hooray, this one actually looks nicer anyway so I'm sticking too it. It doesn't burn my eyes out as much, that is always a bonus.