Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The bonus...

Truthfully I did not see it coming... But I was informed that I'll be getting a rather nice little bonus soon from my boss! Very exciting! This is the first real bonus I've ever gotten... Like, I'm going to buy a nice shiny new HD-TV bonus! It's nice to actually be appreciated!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Well for those of you who couldn't tell from the blog title... I got mii a wii! Funny thing is I wasn't really considering buying one. I just happened to be at Target looking for bean bag chairs. After being told this isn't bean bag chair season (they have seasons?) I decided what the heck I'll check out game consoles. I was planing on drooling over 360's actually, damn Microsoft and their un-dropped prices! At any rate, I just happened to notice they had like 10/15 Wii's just sitting there on the shelves... No doubt they just recently restocked, and being memorial day weekend no one around to buy them really. Except me! So I did, I mean heck! They're cheap, they have a interesting control system and are loads of fun! So I got me a Wii, an extra wii-mote with nunchuck, and two games (in addition to Wii-Sports). What I love is the fact that I can play any nintendo game ever on it (in theory). In reality their game catalog is still skimpy, but so far I have Super Mario Bro's, Excite Bike and Mario Kart 64. Over all, an awesome purchase!

Only thing I wish I could figure out is how to make better use of the SD card slot. So far all I've been able to do is make a copy of Mario Kart there. What I would love is to be able to store my downloaded games there entirely (at least the bigger ones). Or at least have all my saved games there. Not sure how to set that up by default yet, then again I have yet to RTFM so that could have something to do with it. All in all, Nintendo has a winning design. It offers plain USB support, expandable memory comes if the form of SD Cards (game cube cards also supported for GC games), it's directly GC compatible, and you can down load a selection of games from every other nin console! All at a great price compared to the other two kids on the block! I hope MS gets a clue and drops X-Box prices $100 across the board!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Roommate moving in...

So I"m suppose to have my new roommate move in on monday. As such I've been very busy trying to clean and reorganize this appartment. So far, I've moved my new bed into my room, so now my bedroom is more bed than room :P I've also thrown away a heck of a lot of stuff, inlcuding the old twin. I've also taken over the small cubby closet across from my room entirly... Not having a master br. closet I need the extra space for stuff. All in all, busy busy day. And there will be more of the same tomorrow. Only more so in the general living area as my room is in decent shape her room is clean and vacummed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Job references... If you're going to ask former coworker for one, here's an idea... Don't start lieing on your job application about how long you worked at the company... You know, like tell the people you were at the company for a year when you were only there 2 months... Then when your reference tells the truth (because you failed to inform them about your fudging), it probably won't help to tell them to call the perspective employer back to "correct" this "mistake"... Because you know what, that doesn't work, your reference will know this, and it will just piss them off...

Just like like it did for me, and a certain unnamed individual associated with my current employer. Predictably, I didn't call them back to "correct the mistake".. Because it would just lead to me being discredited, not to mention any help my reference may have been. Good thing I'm smart and I didn't, because the perspective employer called my office, asked for anyone but my self and this persons other reference and got specific start and end dates (like I figured they would, heck I would!). Ug, why are people so stupid!!!

Birthday Dinna

Well, I had my birthday dinner today. It was fun stuff, 6 people showed up at the ale house for beer and tasty eats. Was defiantly nice finally getting out and having a good time with some great friends! Really made my night :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy birthday to me

Well, another birthday has passed by. Very quietly this time around actually, certainly nothing exciting happened like last year. So I'm another year older, but some how it doesn't quite feel like it. It never really quite does though does it? I mean really, how often does your birthday come around and you think "wow, I'm a whole different person now that I'm officially a year older".

On a side note, I'd like to say a very happy mothers day to all mom's who might be reading this blog! Your kids will defiantly appreciate everything you do for them even if they don't now :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pyramid scheme's alive an well

So last weekend I had the interesting experience of having someone offer me a side job while I was out at Wendy's getting some lunch. To be honest I wasn't all that interested to begin with, but I figured what the heck, why not hear what he has to say?

So tonight I meet the dude at Caraboo to see what this is all about... And to be honest after talking to the dude for half an hour I still have no idea what they're about other than it's defiantly some sort of twisted pyramid scheme.

According to this dude they're Walmarts biggest competitor, but I didn't even get the companies name.... According to him they've got the nations #2 energy drink... Except he didn't name it, all he said is that 'cause of this drink coke and the like aren't even bothering making energy drinks because they'd never catch up... I wondered if I should inform him that Coke doesn't seem to have any trouble selling Vault :P

The best part.. This is an online business, yet when I asked if there was an website I could check out he seemed really hesitant to give me an address... In fact he insisted I talk to "Alex"... ::sigh:: I really wonder how people fall for this crap.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

D9 54 37 00 C9 EF 22 6C AD E6 3D 24 D8 BB E3 29

That's right everyone!!! I own this number! It's mine and no one can take it away from me! I'll sue!!! Haha... Seriously, apparently the folks over at decided to make a webpage that generates a pseudorandom 128bit number, this this number is used to encrypt a copy righted haiku. Vuala, per the DMCA this number is your very own, you can sue anyone caught trying to decode the haiku with your number. So if you've ever wanted your own number, there you are :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well, I've gotten addicted to Microsoft & MTV's Urge network... It all started with the iPod (believe it or not) that I got as my Christmas bonus from my company. For a while I just filled it up with the music collection I already had... Only problem is that, even with all the stuff my sister downloaded and I copied last time I was in Grosse Pointe, I was getting sick of hearing the same stuff over again..

Enter iTunes... It took about 3 days of screwing around on there to realize it sucks... I presume the experience is better on an Mac where Apple controls everything, but I have a PC. On the PC, iTunes is extremely slow, and on vista burning to CD doesn't seem to work (at least it doesn't with my Sony DVD+-r/CD+-R drive & Dynex CD+-R).

So I checked out Microsoft's urge thing that goes along with Zune... Holy crap, what a difference. First of all, its *FAST*!!! Searching is much easier, it works a lot like windows search, just start typing and it starts finding. Then I found out for only $10/month I can download all the music I want at no extra cost... The down side to the subscription thing is no burning, and you can't listen to music you downloaded after you cancel. However if you really like the music you can buy it by the song or album, then you get to keep it for ever and burn to CD so you can rip it in iTunes and put it in to your iPod...

I think I'm going to buy a MS Zune as my next Mp3 player, get rid of iTunes all together. I do like the iPod hardware, but iTunes needs serious help!