Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I have an appartment, but still no car!!!

Well, it looks like I have an appartment. Roomate and I have officially passed the credit check, so next they just need the employment check (we are indeed both employed) and ~$360 that I've already paypaled over the the roomie. So I have a place to live in NC!!! WOO HOOO!!

On the less exciting side of things, the goddamned body shop isn't done with my car yet. This is about a week longer than they originally said it would take, and the guy wouldn't even gurantee early tomorrow. I'm really pretty pissed off with them, they *need* to get that car done before lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, things are rather bleh right now... I officially have a summer cold, or as I like to call it, hey fever that won't freaking go away :P Nothing really horrible (i.e. I'm not feeling the need to invoke people's pitty or what have you), but just bad enough to be really annoying. Ug, oh well... Soon enough I will be in warm NC... Speaking of which there is some stress with that as well...

Currently I do not yet have an appartment, I've been frantically applying to places but my roommate is well... Procastinating a bit more than I would like to see... It's not that she does it on purpose or anything, and usually it's for a reason that sort of makes sence... But still, we've kept running into situations where by the time she finally gets the the appt. complex the office is closed for whatever reason. If I didn't have to move in *this weekend* I wouldn't be as concerned, but I'm really down to the wire here.. I need a place to live. I'll probably give her yet another call/im early this moring and be a bit more insitant that she get her butt down to the office. She doesn't realize it yet but we nearly lost the place we're going for now because she didn't show up today to fill out the app. Fortunetly I called at 5 and found out that she didn't make it, apparnetly they had some people comming in to check out appts that same day. I went ahead and gave them my debet card # and asked them to just go ahead and charge that. Fortunetly they took the card # as being good enough to hold it w/o charge till tomorrow, if the roomie can get there tomorrow and pay cash I'll end up saving the $25 "we hate credit cards" fee.

The other (even more) fustrating thing that's going on isn't directly NC related.... My car is *still* in the shop... When I first brought it in for the estimate they said that they would have it done the same week. A little later on they called and said they could tack on the bumper with in the quoted amout, and they said it would only bump the job back to Monday/Tuesday at the latest... So I thought, sweet, go for it! Well, tuesday has come and gone and the car still isn't done... *LATE* tomorrow at the earliest apparently. And to top it all of I left my phone charger in MI and my phone is just about out of Juice! In the past couple days I've used the land line in this house more than I have in the previouse 2.5 years. Fortunetly my phone has an ***EXCELENT*** "OMGINEEDTOSAVEMYSELF" mode where it drains nearly no power at all. Basically just barely enough to keep the volital memory the OS is sitting in from clearing it's self. In a related story actually I went on a quest to find a charger on monday when I realized I left my other one behind and came to find out that my phone is so discontinued that they don't cary chargers for it anymore anywhere! So last night I broke down, went to the verizon website and ordered a car charger. Hopefully that will show up tomorrow, if it does the phone will be spending a good bit of time in the car..... :P

Well, I guess that is enough ranting for one evening, ya'll have a good night :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

bleepety bleep bleep

Well, my windsheild was replaced on saturday (for those that don't know the story it was mysteriously smashed on V-day), and I couldn't help but think at the time that something bad had to happen.... IDK, some stupid neighborhood kid decides to smash the brand new one or something horrible... Well, today I found out what it was. I was driving home some dude at the local Mineke decided to jack up a customers car while it was in nutral in his lot. Well, his lot is essentially a big ramp sloping down to the streeet... So as one would thing, the car did indeed decided to roll back into the street and smash right into my car. The passenger front side was all smashed up. I've gotten in touch with my insurance about it, and gave them all the imporant info, i.e. police rept. number contact info for the shop owner (who was in the car at the time it smashed) and his insurance... but GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm supposed to be moving to NC NEXT WEEK!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! Ok, now that that is out of my system, it is nap time. Good night everyone.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Things to do....

Ok.... I need a list of things to do while I wait for the 14th.... Any suggestions? :)

Why I quit

Three guesses as to who I was conversing with.....

[16:08] : Carlo, what's going on with ?
[16:08] Locutus465: ???
[16:09] : Linda says that there's something not working in stage
[16:09] Locutus465: Yeah, I'm looking at it....
[16:09] : what's the problem?
[16:10] Locutus465: WEll if I knew it would be fixed.....
[16:10] Locutus465: I'm looking @ it

I wonder if it's possible to add an adendum to my resignation interview questionair....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

North Carolina

Well, this day is coming to a close very quickly here. About to run off to bed. I did get to thinking though, how the hell am I going to get all my stuff to NC??? OMG I so don't know what to do... The way I figure I'm going to have just a bit over 2K to work with as far as getting an appt, moving down there and living till my 1st paycheck. That's cutting it a little close, *almost* makes me wish I had held off on the computer upgrades... *almost* ;) Then again with out those I never would have taken my personal day on which I amazingly enough got the call about this Job in the first place. And if I had been at work when that happened nothing probabaly would have come out of this whole NC gig. It's really completely amazing how that worked out (time for a side story)....

So I decide to buy a whole bunch of computer parts because... well, everyone else was upgrading and I got *real* gelouse that I was still running on a low-mid end system (yeah yeah, it was still better than the average but I can't settle for that). So, I find out that my motherboard has arrived one fine day while I was at the office, and decided well heck.. I'm going to take a personal day to put together my new computer and put it through it's paces :D Which is exactly what I did, I put it together, bought me a copy of doom & half life 2 and was happily benchmarking and playing along. At some point I log into ICQ, and I start dealing with MIS stuff... Generally helping out the helpdesk people because I we had a particular issue that for some reason everyone thought I was the only person that could fix... Anyway, I ICQ Tim to gloat about my brand new frame rates in Quake 4, Doom etc. Tim ends the convo with a quick joke about "good luck at the interview"... Yeah yeah, whatever Tim... Well, not more than 30 seconds after I close the ICQ message I got contacted by a recruiter about a company looking for a .Net programmer in Raliegh NC!!! LOL!!! To make a long story short I did end up doing a quick interview with that guy and ended up getting my new position.... Sorry Tim, I actually didn't take that personal day to look for a job though... If that makes you feel better.

Anyway... I've been looking into the moving situation, and to even rent a U-Haul trailer it's going to be $292.00, which doesn't include the fact that I don't have a hitch right now so I'd need one of them... Then, on top of that, my windshield seriously needs t0 be replaced before I move. That's ~$225 right there excluding tax (about 8% or so for Cyahoga county). So back to my original point... IDK what I'm going to do. I'm going to explore a few options... Oh well, that's enough for one night, talk to ya'll later (good use of southern? I think so :) )

New Job :)

Well, it is offcial. I have an offer, I've accepted it, and sent in my letter of resignation to my current employer here in OH. As of April 24th I will be a .Net programmer with a medical software company in Raleigh, NC. Which is exactly where I've wanted to be for quite some time now. I'm really super shocked by the whole thing. So I guess I'm going to cut my blog entry short here since I'm not exactly where to go with the post... I'll post again later once I'm more recovered from the whole thing.