Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Atom Films

Hey everyone, There's this website I've been checking out for a number of years now called Atom Films. I don't know if you've heard of it or not, but it's a really cool website where amature film people can post movie shorts online for people to watch. I've decided to add a "Atom Films" section to my blog right under my friends blogs section. If you're interested you should check out some of the movies, they're all interesting to say the least! Here are some short descriptions of the first 4:

1). Blinded
A very interesting movie about a man defending his family against home intruders. It's fairly trippy, and has a supprise ending!

2). Email to Mom
This one is in spanish, but of course there are english subtitles! Interestingly it takes place in the city I was born in, Lima Peru. It's a frightening story about a girls first year at school.

3). A letter from the Western Front
A dramatic story which takes place on the Western Front durring WWI. The narration is a young american soldier writing home to his wife. The animation is increadable! You should check this one out.

4). Ripple
This one is about a couple of fisherman finding the body of Christ in a lake. They return the body to a church, but the movie is supposed to keep you gussing as to where the body came from. I thought this one was ok, but I figured what the heck, I'll share.

That's it for now, I'll add more movies as I come across more interesting ones!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Hey, just thought I'd write something up really quick about Jenn and griffin... Apparenlty Griffin's ear is squishy and that he'll probably need to get surgery again. It's really sad, I really wish that I could visit him today, but apparently Jenn wanted to be alone today :(

So, I hope that Griffin will be ok, I'll probably call Jenn later and see how everything is going :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Honey Bee

I love this SRV Song! It's so cool!!

Stevie Ray VaughanHoney BeeWritten by - S.R. VaughanFrom - Couldn't Stand the Weather
Like a queen bee's honey
Your as sweet as can be
I'm the king baby
Buzz with me
Dive in your hive
And into your life
Tell me little baby that you'll buzz me all the time
'Cause the way we kiss
Just can't miss
Don't make me wait to feel your warm embrace
Each and every time that we get the chance
Come on little baby let's make some romance
Yeah you really groove me baby when you move your hips
Shake it all around and change me pound for pound
I want you all the time just because
You know you really have give me a buzz

Home Sick...

Well, I'm home sick today... Woke up and felt awful bad and was throwing up, so I stayed home... I'm feeling much better, which is nice, because now I get a nice day off! :D

So now that I have a day off, I've been thinking... What to do on your day off... So far, I've:
Sat around listening to music admiring my computer's sounds system (it's nice).
Went for a really nice walk
Went grocery shopping, and had a nice Bologina and cheese sandwich (kept it down to!!)
And I'm thinking about chilling at the mall for a bit...

I really wish that there was a really nice, conviniant to get to beach around me. I'd love to go out swimming, that would be great... The best though would if I had a SCUBA diving buddy... Then I could go out scuba diving... That would be way cool, I love to scuba! Just no one to do it with :(

Oh well, I'm going back to my day off :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bands and stuff

I have to fight my friend jenn.... She just posted about bands she just thinks are over rated... The doors??? Seriously, no one would over rate them!!!! Mostly under estimate them thinking they were all about Jin Morrison.... They were about a sound, and a feeling... It was....More tha Jim, but he was a central part of it... I guess you would have to appriciate music the same way I do, other wise you would not understand...

Hanyway... Most ppl do not understand where I'm comming from, even the ones that I thought would... So I'm going to stop posting and start playing RE 4. Good night

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Jenn has been asking to post my chicken marinade here for quite some time... So here it is... I think it's about the best chicken marinade in the world, but if someone thinks they have better please post it back in a reply and I'd love to check it out!


1 cup salad oil
¾ cup soy sauce
½ cup lemon juice
1 tbs coarsely crocked pepper
2 cloves minced garlic
¼ cup worchestershine
¼ cup mustard
1 tps salt
6 to 8 hours.

Please Note:
Originally the reccallsllse for 24/26 hours of marinating, but my family has found this to be quite excessive. 6/8 will do just fine.


Got up at 7:30 at my parents home in detroit just so I could drive straight to work in Cleveland OH and spend a couple hours doing a code rollout... Only to find out whoever rolled out the code missed a bunch of files even though that should not be possible with our current system.

All of this, after I was up till 3AM because (admittingly bad planning) I went to to go see Revenge of the Sith with my buddy Will. I actually did like that one, there was really no part of it that irritated me like the first 2 prequils, so I was pretty happy with that.

I'm pretty exhasted now, but I'm working on my Winking Lizard Beer Tracker website. This site is designed (using PHP(decent) and MySql(ick)) but...(geek talk time) I'm designing the code around a base API which I've been wanting to fully implement and exploit in my work for quite some time but have never really had the time to because where I work we never are given the time to do things the way they should be done. So I'm finally going to have a PHP code base I'm actually happy with, even if it's my own small stupid app.

I think that's the only PHP/MySql project I'm going to do my system though, I like .Net better.

Well, I guess I'll end this blog now before it get's too geek. Good night everyone!!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Two posts in one day???

I saw this in my friends blog, so I figured I would try it out. If I know my to closest friends at work they will get a real kick out of this. Of course you can't trust these short quiz things at all, in fact this thing had the silliest questions I've ever seen in my life. Hopefully the MS-Word generated HTML/CSS won't mess up this page.

Well, you can't see it, but here's the break down:

Democrat: 83%
Anarchism: 75%
Green: 58%
Socialist: 58%
Communism: 33%
Republican: 17%
Nazi: 17%
Fascism: 0%

Well, let's consider these results for a second:
First off, I'm 17% Nazi, yet 0% Facist(sp?). Maybe they are specifically refering to Muscilini, but at least with in the context of my education this seems fairly implausable... The Nazi's *ARE* Facists(sp?).
Based on these results, you would think I'm a left wing radical, out there with green piece attempting to blow up oil rigs out at sea.... Well, lets just say those of you who ***really*** know me will get a laugh out of that. Yeah, I wanted bush to ***SERIOUSLY*** lose the last election, but I'm not hard core liberal that's for sure. Fun quiz just the same though. Go take it your self! See where you fall!

What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?

Very sad day...

I hate to write about depressing stuff (for as little as I post here anyway), but I spent the last 1/2 hour of work today reading about the apparent (and claimed) terrorist attacks in London. It really makes me sad that just when everyone thought the world might be safe (since the end of the cold war) that these extreamist groups decided it would be a good time to start attempting to wreak havoc on the lives of people they don't even know. If there is anyone from England reading this, I would really like you to know that you and your whole nation are in my prayers this evening.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Day at the pool

Today I went to my friend Jennifer's mothers house to go swimm'n in her pool. The real adventure however, was just getting there! Apparently everyone decided to bring their dogs, since Jen was rid'n with me so where her two awesome dogs Dixie and griffin. Dixie is an absolute dream, and just sat pretty in the back seat... My boy griffin however, is quite a bit more rambuntious. As always, he wanted to be sitting in someone's lap, and apparently Jennifer was the natural choice, so he road the whole way there digging his claws into Jenn's (not realizing that's what he's doing of course). I love that dog, he is such a big oaf... Got a pic of him in Jenn's lap in the car.