Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey everyone, been a good while since I last wrote a post here so I figured I'd write a quicky tonight while I read up on some nutritional information. I've decided, for the first time in my life to go ahead and join a fitness program to help me get into shape. This would be as opposed to the hap-hazard go to the gym, do a bunch of stuff and maybe change up my routine some if I some some really in shape person doing a particular exercise.

The program, as the title of my blog post might suggest is P90X. It's cost, is 3 easy payments of ~$35 or so. What you get is something like 12 DVD's with different workouts, a book discussing the workout program, and how to get through your first 90 days with the program, as well as some details about the different exercises. In addition you get a book all about nutrition, as well as a cookbook full of recipes.

If all this wasn't enough you also get access to their website, were you can connect with other team beach body program members (P90X is only one out of many programs they have), which also offers a diet planner for your workout, with daily menus and a host of other great features. I have to say, short of joining a very intense gym like a boxing gym this is probably the best fitness package I've seen. And a lot cheaper when you consider the more specialized gyms (like boxing) run $80/mo or more usually not including lessons.

I'm very positive having gotten started with this program, I think it's going to get me the results that I want. I've gone ahead and taken the "before" pictures that the program suggests. I cheated a little, I didn't take them till tonight and I'm on my 3rd day into the program. I'm pretty sure though that what's in the picture is all me and "my workout program" as opposed to what P90X is going to do to me. I'm not sharing these pictures just now, but I may very well share them in 90 days when I'm done.